Sticker QR Code Support

Offer access to your Clean Menu restaurant Carte via a high quality QR code support.

To discover your online menu, your customers must scan a QR code. We wanted to offer a panel of QR code supports that could be an integral part of your establishment.

Here we have the stickers QR code support. These supports directly applicable on your tables become are easy to use!

In addition to their attractive visual appearance, these QR code support avoid the hand to hand of classical paper menus (useful in today's context), require less maintenance and are more resistant to wear and tear.

You will find below the specs and prices of this model.

Specs of stickers supports

Others supports

Stickers doesn't match your taste ? See below See our others options.

Plexi QR Code

High quality plexi QR Code holder for restaurants and bars.

Wood QR Code

High quality wooden QR Code holder for restaurants and bars.